Insurance Solutions

Fidelity Trust Wealth Management’s Wealth & Estate Planning services offer you a complete range of insurance products and services. Our ability to draw on a wide selection of solutions will help you achieve financial security.

We can provide you with comprehensive tax and estate planning services including Retirement Protection Programs, as well advice to help preserve your capital and distribute your assets efficiently. Your Fidelity Trust Wealth & Estate Planning Specialist can help you choose from an array of solutions including disability, critical illness, term, whole or universal life, segregated funds and more.


Growing your investments is a dynamic process where working with your Investment Advisor to assess and reassess your decisions on a regular basis is essential, making sure your portfolio remains appropriate for your changing needs and goals. A Fidelity Trust Advisor will guide you through this important process, helping to ensure you make the most of your investments.


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Our Investment Advisors are backed by a wide array of resources and specialists who
work together to build a customized plan to align with your goals and help you succeed.

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